No matter when I call , no matter who I need to speak with whether it be Todd Carrie or Cheryl they are always readily available . They always take care of my needs quickly. They are great people to deal with I wouldn’t change a thing .

Customer since 2013

The reassurance and pleasure of discussing options with Bob Knowles and the subsequent good nature and responsiveness of Cheryl.

Peter B., customer since 2016

todd always takes te time to come to my store evaluate my insurance needs based on what i am doing and the inventories i have and the condition of my building and its contents ...knowles continues to give their clients the in person care and concern that insurance customers shoud have for their security and peace of mind...i am very pleased i switched to knowles insurance

John G., customer since 2015

Simply put ... We at Keystone Chapter UNICO are pleased with Knowles Associates because they have answered all of our questions and serviced all of our needs in a straight forward and timely manner. Mark McDade - Corresponding Secretary

Mark M., customer since 2012

Very professional and fantastic and prompt service!!

Denise D., customer since 2002

Knowles' prompt response to inquiries is greatly appreciated and your willingness to seek the most competitive polices.

Customer since 2005

I have been doing all my insurance business with Knowels for over 20 years. I have several small businesses and over 30 Rental units and Knowels is my one stop shop for all my needs. From a management point It is important for me to have all my policy’s with one company. Todd always has my best interest and is available when ever i need him. Tim Morgan

Tim M., customer since 1998

We believe that Knowles Insurance provides the best coverage at an affordable price. The old adage "you get what you pay for," certainly applies when it comes to insurance. People do not want to feel like they are getting ripped off by paying too much for anything including insurance. It is a hard sell because folks do not feel like they are holding a tangible asset in their hands. That is, until you need it! For most of our lives my family has gone through life fairly unscathed. Recently my family has been victims of tractor trailer accidents, hit as a pedestrian by a distracted driver and one of my cars was hit by an underinsured teenager. This all happened within eighteen months. Were it not for our the excellent coverage from Knowles Associates we would have been in real financial trouble. They are there when it counts.

John P., customer since 2000

I worked with the IBM Corporation for 18 years. IBM focused on customer service and satisfaction. I have received the same service and satisfaction from Knowles Associates.

John M., customer since 2016

Quick Responses. Always ready to meet and go over any questions. Extremely Customer Oriented Service.

Customer since 2014

Answered all my questions Cheryl was excellent

Kathy C., customer since 2000

Simple. Your there when I need you.

Vince S., customer since 2009

Proactive,personalized, thorough, compassionate and concerned.

Tim L., customer since 2007

You and your staff are easy to communicate with

Bob M., customer since 2014

I like the personal service we receive and a price that is in reason.

Customer since 2012

You have very helpful and reliable customer service.

Chuck J., customer since 2015

The staff at Knowles Associates is always very courteous and professional. They are always prompt and efficient in responding to any and all questions we may have.

Joann C., customer since 2003

I was professionally reminded every year that renewal was needed. The reminder was given in plenty of time to address any changes needed. There was always someone in a decision making capacity who was available for contact if needed.

Customer since 2015

Good service. Fast response. willingness to help.

Mark P., customer since 2015

Your staff is always available to provide information and answers to any question I may present to them.

Customer since 2001

Quick response times and very helpful with anything I need.

Scott V., customer since 2017

Service is wonderful, always willing to help with questions. Very personable. I believe we get the best prices for our coverages.

Gary S., customer since 2007

I enjoy the personal service that we receive from all of the staff of Knowles Associates. They respond very quickly to our inquiries.

Customer since 2002

Our service dept always needs copys of COI's, we get them quick.

Customer since 2016

Amazing guidance and support through all insurance related issues. Client service is unmatched. Just incredible!

Dan C., customer since 2001

You have Carrie Frey! She handles every insurance issue that may arise.

Customer since 2003

Personal attention--and creative solutions which will only get better when we have more professionals named Knowles working there!

Paul Y., customer since 2006

Dedicated people

Porntipa M., customer since 2010

Knowles was fantastic to deal with from day one. Displaying outstanding professionalism, knowledge and customer service. Highly recommend.

Bob R., customer since 2018

Susan and Jennifer have always been very professional and responsive to our needs as a business. They take the time to explain the coverage and make sure our business has the correct policies in place as well as the correct limits for our industry. We are extremely pleased with the service and dedication that Susan and Jennifer have provided.

Kim G., customer since 2017

Cheryl was always very helpful in assisting us when dealing with the insurance company.

Ralph B., customer since 2003

I feel that what stands out is your customer service. Whenever I send an email I receive a very prompt response

James H., customer since 2012

Service with a SMILE

Robert Y., customer since 2009

Competitive pricing, and co. Researching .

Russell A., customer since 2010

I rarely need your help, but when I do the staff handles my question well and always finds the answer to my needs. The have, through the years, called me to offer to change my auto policy because they found one that cost less for the same coverage. And I've been with Encompass for years and had terrific service from them.

Customer since 2000

I am most comfortable having a local agent help navigate and answer questions in a more personable relationship to know I have the right coverage and to talk with ppl I am familiar with.

Randall H., customer since 2005

Knowles Associate is a responsible, professional and helpful organization. Their knowledgable agents are polite and will help you with your insurance requirement and try to get the best quote for your needs. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone of my friends and acquaintances.

David C., customer since 2012

Todd is a great agent and the companies he has advised me to contract give great service.

Frank D., customer since 2004

Your firm has always provided prompt, courteous and comprehensive service regarding our client's insurance needs. Many times, you have anticipated issues before we were aware of them. We have worked with many Agents over our years of multitenant building operation and none are your equal.

Louis D., customer since 2010

We have been with Knowles over 40 years and have always received excellent service in all of our policies. With that, thank you for your continued help and support!

Customer since 2003

Fortunately we had only one incident where we needed assistance. Our cabin was vandalized a few years back and the copper tubing was stolen along with a few incidental things. I worked with a man Shawn at Farmers and he took care of us. We had a good experience.

Dorothy S., customer since 2001

We have not had any negative experience in a need for your services. On a more positive note, your firm has always responded to any of our questions relating to our coverage.

Customer since 2003

We’ve been your customer for many years and you have reasonable rates and professionally took care of our loss in the past satisfactorily.

Customer since 2001

Continually follow-up with clients.

Emil J., customer since 1899

The best thing you did was hiring Claire !

Thomas T., customer since 2013

Immediate response to calls and pretty fair pricing to date

Customer since 2015

Great company and more importantly great people that take time to build a personal relationship!

Conor M., customer since 2018

I always get prompt answers when I call with a question.

Customer since 2010

Cheryl is always available to answer all my questions. A huge asset, and excellent customer service skills.

Customer since 2015

Great personal and friendly service!

Customer since 2014

Claire our new representative is fabulous. We have real confidence in her ability to take care of our interests.

Charles R., customer since 2000

Proactively reached out to us and lowered our insurance premiums and found us the best rate - which saved us a lot of money. Very polite, professional and courteous. Always followed through.

Leo J., customer since 2000

I was very impressed and pleased when my agent reviewed my policy renewal and priced it with several carriers to ensure I was getting the best price. She was able to save me a considerable amount of money.

Customer since 2013

love the one on one relationship with the office, makes for a great trust factor as well

Andrew H., customer since 2013

I will always appreciate how you helped me out when my car was hit by an uninsured driver.

Angelo C., customer since 2011

Quick Followup

Customer since 2002

Todd and the office perso who sent the paperwork were great. The communication was excellent, paperwork timely, and I feel like we got good coverage that gives me peace of mind.

Dave H., customer since 2018

We use to be in the family many years ago. We were very satisfied then and so we’re back and very happy with our choice. I would highly recommend any one to join the family or come back.

Wilfredo R., customer since 2018

Knowles Associates have always been terrific on follow-through, be that in calling me back, finding answers to my questions, sending documents etc. Thank you very much.

Customer since 1999

If I have a question or need additional information, it seems that I can always get in touch with somebody at the agency and get a timely and accurate answer.

Customer since 2014

Return calls and answer questions promptly

Mary M., customer since 2011

Great customer service and quick turn around on insurance changes via email.

Timothy K., customer since 2001

As a recent college graduate in my first job, Knowles Associates helped me find affordable coverage after i bought my first car. They’ve been extreamly helpful to me throughout the entire process and in making the right decisions. I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done!

Matthew H., customer since 2018

Knowles has been very helpful with my claims.No hassles

Gary T., customer since 2001

Everyone we came into contact with was professional and understanding and knowledgeable of our concerns and questions. We had Ben with State Farm for 25+ years and we have know Eileen Kelly for years. She always kept in contact with us even though we were not a customer. She keep asking the right questions, so we decided to make the switch.

Vincent J., customer since 2018

Knowles Associates was very quick to respond with a quote and took the time to explain in detail the policy. Susan was a great help!!

Customer since 2018

quick response to my calls and emails.

Wayne S., customer since 2018

The staff is very accommodating, friendly and supportive. I appreciate your patience with waiting for my business to start up. There has been many delays on my end and Eileen Kelly was wonderful to work with.

Peggy K., customer since 2018

Knowles offers fantastic customer service and knowledgeable employees that are always willing to help! Eileen Kelly, in particular, is THE BEST! Look no further for your insurance needs!

Daniel K., customer since 2018

We are pleased with our policy and fair prices, thanks for your continued Service and coverage for our valued home.

David N., customer since 2001

The girls that take my calls are very helpful and always pleasant. I made 2 claims in 32 years and the process was made very simple. Thank you

Richard F., customer since 2001

Eileen is very helpful answering all questions quickly and offering great insurance advice

Nathan F., customer since 2017

Susan, Your attention to detail is always appreciated.

Customer since 2002

Your prompt and professional service as well as your staff.

Timothy A., customer since 2009

Professional courteous staff

Customer since 2014

Good service, prompt , attentive and happy to answer any questions

Customer since 2015

Cheryl is always attentive and prompt with her responses. Also, i feel i am getting a good value with you shopping my insurance within your companies.

Customer since 2013

I like the personal contact, knowing the employees that I deal with by name, and being able to get someone on the phone when I need to.

Ward F., customer since 1999

Excellent Customer Service and the highest degree of professionalism.

Kathleen D., customer since 2009


Frank S., customer since 2005

Knowledgeable and professional staff that provides top notch service for individuals and corporations alike. Our agent reviews our policies regularly and looks for ways to save us money and/or enhance our coverage.

Kathy P., customer since 2012

I always receive prompt, professional responses to premium pricing, claims reporting and insurance advice. Always receive competitive pricing on all my insurance needs. Paul A. Kelly, Jr., Esq.

Paul K., customer since 2007

Great customer service!!

Customer since 2013

We recently had damage due to an ice dam. Our coverage is with Travelers. Travelers' response was fast. The adjuster was courteous and professional. There was no hassle and everything was settled in a timely fashion.

Customer since 2000

Excellent customer service!

Joseph N., customer since 2013

Super helpful on all issues!!!

Joseph S., customer since 2001

Claire from Knowles Associates is always there for us. She has been proactive in helping us with our insurance needs, responds in a timely manner when I reach out to her, and recently took time to sit down with me when I had questions about our insurance plan .

Customer since 2013

Knowles has always responded in a timely manner to any inquiry. Knowles has keep my cost of insurance down to fit my budget.

Andrew Z., customer since 2012

Personal service, quick responses, and peace of mind that I'm getting a great rate but that I'm also protected. What more could I ask for? These are the reasons why I recommend Knowles whenever someone needs insurance help.

Timothy C., customer since 2010

Super friendly and helpful.

Customer since 2018

By far the best insurance company we have ever used!! VERY prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. An absolute pleasure to work with!!!

Customer since 2016

knowles is by far the best company in the area. The dedication to their customers is matched by non. Everything is handled with the utmost attention and detail. We have recommended Todd Zimmerman to many people.

Daniel C., customer since 2017

Cheryl is friendly, committed and knowledgeable.

Kimberly F., customer since 2011

Very friendly staff, easy to work with.

Customer since 2000

Dealing with Todd is always a pleasure. He is attentive, direct and forthcoming.

Customer since 2004

We have been a customer for over a decade and have been very pleased with the customer service and competitive quotes. We appreciate the personalized approach to our needs.

Customer since 2004

The company was very prompt on the delivery of my insurance quote. The quote was competitive and affordable.

Customer since 2017

Your quick responses to any questions or changes. We know you prioritize our business insurance needs.

Sharon F., customer since 2003

Todd Zimmerman is our agent and he is the reason we love Knowles. Every time there is an issue or a question he is available. He follows claims from the minute they are made to the very end. He is knowledgeable, professional, and has our best interest at heart. Can't say enough great things about him!

Lorraine G., customer since 2002

You make our bonding needs easy and seamless allowing us to focus on our current project estimates. Knowles is a valued member of our team not only on bid day but all year long!

Tara W., customer since 2008

We just appreciate the service that we get from you and we really like that we can get ahold of a human being when we have questions.

Randy G., customer since 2008

They continue to work to find you the best possible price on your home, auto and business insurance . The staff is friendly and courteous which is a big plus ..

Shawn Z., customer since 2011

Excellent overall customer service and support. Knowles staff are always quick to respond to requests, i never have to wait for service.

Paul O., customer since 200

You were honest & explained to me every step of the way the difference you would make & I saved money!!!!!

Rosey D., customer since 2017

Very quick at answers or making changes. Have been good at keeping cost down. Very pleasant people to talk to and all know how to do their job. Very pleased all the way around with Knowles Insurance.

Marlene L., customer since 2016

personal service and immediate response has been always appreciated. Thank You!

Customer since 1999

As an owner of several small businesses and 30 plus apartment units, I find it very valuable to use Knowles Associates as a sole source for all my insurance needs. I consider Todd Zimmerman a great advisor for all the many insurance concerns I have to deal with. I also consider Knowles Associates and Todd Zimmerman an extension of my business and part of our continued success. Tim Morgan

Tim M., customer since 1998

Great insurance company to work with, always helpful and very friendly We can always expect great service.

Laura L., customer since 2007

Sue is professional, helpful, accessible and responsive when needed. Thank you, Tom Hauber

Thomas H., customer since 2011

Consistently working to keep my company well insured at an affordable rate.

Customer since 2003

Provided caring compassionate service in helping us receive insurance for our event at a reasonable price. Definitely will use Knowles again.

Steven H., customer since 2017

Jennifer Sgarlat has always been exceptional. She always will answer my emails or phone calls promptly as does Eileen. Both associates are patient and understanding as insurance is not my favorite item to deal with!!

Dean S., customer since 2015

When we switched from Brown and Brown to Knowles Associates you were extremely helpful with the transition and making sure we understood exactly what we were getting.

Ed T., customer since 2017

Great customer service and very attentive to our needs.....professional and personal, what more can you ask for!!

Mick M., customer since 2013

The team at Knowles cares! They take the time to use their excellent skills and knowledge to make certain that all your insurance needs are met. I have worked with them for over 20 years and am extremely comfortable recommending them without reservation, both commercially and personally, to anyone who chooses professionalism, skill, courtesy, comprehensive and complete coverage.

Arthur S., customer since 2006

Todd and his staff are always quick to respond to questions or requests. They have been extremely helpful in our establishment of better safety procedures. I have recommended them to other business owners because I am impressed by their professionalism.

Trevor W., customer since 2004

Knowles Associates makes buying insurance easy . Especially gas related field . They do turn over every stone for their customers .

Steve O., customer since 2017

Service is good

Customer since 2009

everything has been handled in a prepared and professional manner.... no complaints having you as my agent and knowles as my insurance carrier is a comfort that i truly appreciate...i am so happy mrs, knowles referred me to you....

John G., customer since 2015

Prompt, attentive, innovative and considerate..... the list goes on and on. There really is no other choice for your personal and business needs

Tim L., customer since 2007

Knowledge, promptness and accuracy.

Customer since 2003

You have been able to get us the insurance we need for our Keystone Chapter of UNICO National. All of our yearly dealings with Knowles Associates have been done very professionally.

Mark M., customer since 2012

Very very helpful and knowledgeable. Very prompt when asked for something. They are amazing!

Denise D., customer since 2002

Any time we request a COI to be sent to a customer it is sent within minutes. Todd provide excellent support in evaluating our insurance needs and guides us through the decision process to determine what is best for our business.

Ross T., customer since 2007

We have been doing business with Todd of Knowles Associates for several years. I can honestly say that Todd's follow through and professionalism is stellar. He gives you choices and asks what I believe to be all the right questions when researching the correct coverage. their follow up and follow through is great. Their office staff is also. Do business with these people whenever you can.

Phil R., customer since 2014

Our son was hit by a tractor trailor in a construction zone while he was out of state on a road trip. The injuries and legal issues could have been compounded were it not for the level of insurance Knowles Associates provided for us. There were many other people involved in the accident that did not fair as well. The attorney handling our case said he wished all of his clients had the insurance that Knowles Associates sold.

John P., customer since 2000

If we ever have a question or need information regarding our policies, our contact at Knowles is very responsive and any issues are resolved in a very timely manner.

Customer since 2002

Bob and staff, go above and beyond to provide us the best service and support.

Margi L., customer since 2002

Consistent, prompt responses to questions and requests. Very service oriented staff who have gone out their way to respond to our needs, even at the eleventh hour.

Janet B., customer since 2001

Everyone at Knowles is very attentive to our changing needs and do their best to help whenever we ask.

Lisa D., customer since 2013

Simple. There when I need you and insurance at a fair price

Vince S., customer since 2009

Good Afternoon Mr. Knowles, I just wanted to let you know that Architectural Builders Construction Supply, Inc. is proud to have Knowles Associates as our insurance agent. Your agencies service over the last 15 years has been outstanding and your personnel always responded to any of our inquiries / concerns. We certainly appreciate that Knowles Associates is always looking out for our best interest when it comes to our insurance needs. William L. Exarhopoulos President

Bill E., customer since 2003

Your response time to any questions we've ever had is immediate! The service you provide is personal and outstanding!!

Customer since 2013

The staff is always very courteous and professional. They are always prompt and efficient in responding to any and all questions I my have.

Joann C., customer since 2003

Sue Kelly is the best !!!

Joby B., customer since 2015

Knowles Associates provided our agency was a comprehensive plan to not only allow us to be more efficient and better covered. The care and attention provided us the opportunity to address gaps that protect our agency and staff.

Carolyn Q., customer since 2017

The response is always immediate and I know that Knowles has always looked to get us best rates.

Charles C., customer since 2010

I appreciate the manner in which Knowles Associates listened to my needs and then proposed an insurance program that was comprehensive and cost-effective.

Mary W., customer since 2012

Your company represented our company when a grossly unfair situation occurred. When it looked like there was nowhere else to turn your company set us up with the most stellar law firm & stood behind us 100%. I will always be grateful.This situation happened when there was a very heartbreaking situation in our family. I will release my name in the future but for now ,the attention would only uproot a very turbulent time. I recommend Sue Kelly highly along with her staff. Recognition is highly deserved. Thank you once again for your ,above & beyond the workforce, caring. Hats off to Sue Kelly and Knowles Associates!

Customer since 2006

Knowles is always looking out for our best interests and very attentive to all our needs and questions. Would highly recommend them!

MaryAnn I., customer since 2008

Day to day services addressing our client's requests on insurance certs, etc. are always addressed promptly and with the expert advice we count on.

Tim B., customer since 1999

Knowles, and our personal agent, worked very hard to obtain the best pricing on our business package. They continually follow up and are very attentive to our needs. The office staff responds immediately with requests for certificates or claim questions. Additionally, the underwriting company Knowles placed us with is very proactive and effective in managing workers comp claims. They have helped us with establishment of a certified safety committee, saving us an additional percentage on our premium. I highly recommend them.

Jim S., customer since 2012

Eileen is my agent, and she's a fantastic one! She answers all my questions and seems excited to do so. If she doesn't know the answer, she investigates it until she has the answer. It appears she loves her job, and it shows. She is also fast and thorough!

Jonathan S., customer since 2017

As someone who values customer service and professionalism as the most important components of any business relationship I applaud Knowles Associates and Jennifer Sgarlet for meeting and exceeding our organizations needs.

John M., customer since 2016

Very responsive, caring and friendly service

Steven E., customer since 2011

The team at Knowles makes sure to educate their clients about their policies and coverage.

Customer since 2014

Easy to work with and there when you need them

Bill M., customer since 2008

Great service and quick response.

Mark P., customer since 2015

Very easy to deal with and always a pleasant attitude.

Customer since 2017

Carrie Frey is the most important asset that you have at Knowles Associates to us. She is prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, professional and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help whenever I call. She is never to busy to help or simply answer a question. She does her homework to make sure we have the best rates and is a breath of fresh air in these days of incompetence at every turn. Give the lady a raise! 🙂

Tim J., customer since 2011

Always very responsive to questions or requests. Helpful & knowledgeable.

Trevor W., customer since 2004

Great customer service especially the response time.

Pat F., customer since 2013

Found us best coverage for lest $$

Thomas G., customer since 1998

Todd completed a thorough review of our policy in advance of renewal date so we weren't rushed in making policy and coverage decisions that effect our business.

John T., customer since 2017

Always available for help & special requests. Very helpful & personable.

Gary S., customer since 2007

You have helped us in every aspect of our business insurance. All of your associates at Knowles are very knowledgeable in their job. I’ve never called and they couldn’t help us.

Michael D., customer since 2001

Attentiveness, full entity risk analysis, attention to cost savings, worker safety

Customer since 1998

Follow up always immediate.

Customer since 2001

Professional , timely and always with the customers best interest at heart. Would and have recommended this agency to family and friends.

Mark F., customer since 2011

Jennifer is the difference. The agency is great, but we will follow Jennifer to the moon! I have never had such a positive experience in the insurance space. Jennifer and the agency is competent efficient and a pleasure. I feel that I have a professional partner that keeps me informed in an area in which I am not an expert. I feel valued and therefore I have no problem ever recommending Jennifer and Knowles to others.

Phyllis J., customer since 2015

Excellent broker, superb service, tremendous wealth of experience. I could not recommend a more skilled and responsive group of insurance consultants.

Ryan D., customer since 2000

Answered my questions and did policy maintenance seamlessly.

Customer since 2009

The service is great. Any questions I may have been answered very promptly. I also like working with a well known agency owned by local people.

Customer since 2009

Great communication!

Kathi D., customer since 2017

It's nice to know that we are protected, and you look out for my interests. Make sure anything new we purchase is insured quickly. One less thing I have to worry about.

Dave T., customer since 2003

Jen is always there when we are in a bind. She always answers our calls and promptly fixes any mess we are in. Thanks Jen 🙂

Customer since 2016

You offer exceptional service and guidance on all claim matters. You truly work for the client, and always look out for our best interests. Knowles is a dependable agency, and when you are unsure about an insurance matter, you are there to offer advice and to explain coverages in more detail. And most of all, you recommend how to approach incidents and claims in a way that is always looking out for the client.

Dan C., customer since 2001

Customer service attention to detail feeling of confidence in knowing that someone has your back very professional

Angelo B., customer since 2000

Carrie Frey! She is the best!

Customer since 2003

Your staff is always pleasant and efficient when I call they get answers quickly. Importantly I can trust their answers.

Joseph K., customer since 2004

no specifics really... the whole staff is great, I deal with a few different people and all of them, but especially carrie frye, make my life much easier, would never switch...

Andy H., customer since 2008

Great customer service and competitive rates.

Customer since 2017

fortunately, we haven't needed you often, but when we do I get through right away by phone or receive a call back very quickly. We always get what we need quickly and with friendly service. We've been with you for decades, and my dad always said: If it ain't broke...don't fix it.

John L., customer since 2000

staffs are knowledgeable and willing to make some research to find the answers for my questions

Porntipa M., customer since 2010

Great service, low prices

Customer since 2009

As our business and service line offerings have grown and diversified over the years, Knowles has been at our side providing insight and expertise. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their results oriented approach is evidenced by their consistent delivery of cost effective solutions to meet our evolving insurance requirements.

Chris R., customer since 2004

Very responsive and all your needs taken care of with one phone call!!

Terrence M., customer since 2015

Knowles handles our business insurance as well as my own personal insurance. On the personal side, I asked for a review of my current policies and premiums. Their review and recommendations saved me over $500 in premiums for calendar year 2017. On the business portion, they aggressively market on our behalf, and we are comfortable with the coverage we have along with reasonable premiums. Their quick and knowledgeable response to questions that arise from time to time is another important factor. We have enjoyed and will continue our long-standing relationship.

Mary V., customer since 1999

We have used Knowles for many years. As they have worked with us, they have become very knowledgeable about our business. This has permitted them to ask the right questions and provided the best solutions for our ongoing insurance needs.

Dean G., customer since 1998

Having been a business customer of Knowles Associates for many years, I can attest to the professionalism of Bob, Jennifer and all the staff I have worked with. They are always available for questions and take the time to make sure we fully understand the answers. They are proactive in recommending coverage inline with our business needs and at the same time being sensitive to our philosophy on insurance. Thank you!

Tony P., customer since 2002

You expect diligent efforts to secure most effective and economic coverage when working with a professional agency like Knowles Associates. However, the firm goes well beyond that with 'value added' service and support throughout the year. We rely on them for input and advice on many aspects of our business. The relationship has been a key element to our ongoing success.

Tim B., customer since 1999

The staff at Knowles is there to guide you every step of the way when it comes to insurance needs or issues. We have done business with Knowles Associates for years. They are a top quality agency that provides top quality service.

Customer since 2001

My company has been a customer of Knowles & Associates for 23 years. The company has always looked out for our needs and been extremely responsive. I could not be happier with either the advice or service w have received.

Jim T., customer since 1999

Everything is well and taken care of on time.

Adam W., customer since 2016

Returns calls and follows up.

Customer since 2017

Your associates are very helpful and are knowledgeable about the insurance business and give us good advice.

David C., customer since 2012

Knowles Associates works hard to please their customers. They have very knowledgeable and professional staff that work hard to bring you the best product/service.

James K., customer since 2011

Service is very good and responsive. Very helpful

Customer since 2002

Office is always very attentive to any inquires I make. Takes care of issues right away and gets me an answer! Much appreciated! Mike L

Customer since 2003

Outstanding customer service.

Customer since 2004

I just believe you are good and honest people to deal with for all insurance needs.

Tony G., customer since 2000

My broker Clair Wert is always on point with all of my questions or concerns, and that's a big help when needed.

Kevin R., customer since 2002

Always there when I need you

Joe Z., customer since 2005

Carrie Frey has always been attentive to our client's needs and helpful with the preparation of applications and renewals. Also, your firm has truly shopped for better coverage at less cost without our asking.

Louis D., customer since 2010

All our question s are answered in a timely and polite manner.. Takes the time to find out and explain any questions we have asked her. .

Customer since 2015

Every year you check our policies and see if I am getting the best deal for our money. I don't worry about shopping around because you do all the work for us. Thanks so much.

James H., customer since 2012

We have been a customer of your company for over 40 years. We are always pleased with the help we received. It is always nice to know that we have a company that we can depend on. Thank you for all your continued support.

Customer since 2003

The transition to Knowles Insurance was quick and easy. Very professional and worked hard to find me the best policies at the best price for my needs. Would, and have recommend Knowles Insurance.

Barbara L., customer since 2016

We have been very happy with the competitive prices that you get and the service provided, whenever needed. Thanks for all that you do!

Michael D., customer since 2014

Maintained our coverage, bur decreased the costs. Thanks.

Customer since 2014

1. Insuring that we have the best Ins. company, best premium, best coverage for our needs. 2. Knowing our needs, problems and having the best communications with underwriters to relay that info. 3. Earned our trust. 4. Great and knowledgable support staff ie quick responses , great liason between us and underwriting.

Ed V., customer since 1998

Consistently being proactive. A very professional attitude at all levels. A strong advocate when it is necessary. Honesty & integrity.

Charles J., customer since 2013

with just a few phone calls i was able to save some money on my home owners insurance. Jennifer was also very helpful and knowledgeable

Customer since 2017

My Knowles Associates rep, Jennifer Sgarlat, is knowledgeable and quick to help with any of my questions or concerns. I would recommend her to friends & family in a heart beat.

Customer since 2016

Your approach was professional, honest and well explained. Listen to your client and prepare the best solution you can for them, that is what they appreciate.

Darryl J., customer since 2015

You should have online Services i.e. policies, documents and ability to pay online without a third party fee.

Customer since 2001

Took care of my insurance needs for our home, daughter's wedding liability ins and my bonding insurance for my treasurer position. Also your agency returned excess premium on one of the policies.

Emil J., customer since 1899

Having had Knowles for car & rental insurance over the last 9 years, I knew that I was getting the best on price & coverage & didn't have to look elsewhere. They were doing all the researching for me. Shirley Eagen t Nice to have that feeling when your a member of the older generation.

Shirley E., customer since 1999

Always very accommodating!

Sharon C., customer since 1999

Always available to answer questions.

Customer since 2011

The service I receive from Knowles Associates is consistently outstanding. The staff are friendly and always helpful. I appreciate their kindness always!!

Kimberly P., customer since 2001

Friendly and knowledgeable staff who were able to help us with our insurance needs.

Kara S., customer since 2016

I needed a new ID card for my auto insurance and it was emailed to me within an acceptable time frame.

Susan S., customer since 2015

All staff is always very helpful

David H., customer since 2009

Excellent customer service!

Thomas S., customer since 2010

Always checking to see if we can get a better price when insurance companies raise their rates

Customer since 2011

We always appreciate your knowledge and ability to assist as a tremendous resource regarding industry questions. You offer bench marking that we can use to compare our agency to others and use that information for growth.

Anne B., customer since 2008

Your contributions to the community is one of the reasons I like doing business with your firm.

Martin W., customer since 2012

Just being there for our needs.... and when we need help, you give us good/valuable advise. You have become part of our team.. not just an insurance company.

Dolores B., customer since 2015

Finding us the best policy price

Andrea P., customer since 2013

Prompt professional service , with quick call backs for questions or concerns.

Louise M., customer since 2010

Did not have many claims but dealing with you made everything simple

Customer since 2000

Always greeted with quick and pleasant responses to any questions regarding our home and vehicle coverage.

Jeffery P., customer since 2014

I like that you can actually get a person on the phone. I work in a business that I call a lot of agencies and you need a manual to navigate their phone system . My representative was pleasant, friendly and very helpful!!

Martha N., customer since 2001

Very quick responses and answers whenever we have a question or concern. I recently needed a copy of an insurance card for a new vehicle I was leasing - I contacted the office and it was sent to my email within minutes. Very happy with the service!

Customer since 2014

Fantastic people and personal touch

Conor M., customer since 2018

Excellent service. Pleasant people ..Highly recommended.

Albert B., customer since 2003

I get answers when I talk to Carry and she’s helpful and supportive with the issues I have

Customer since 2008

Proactive customer service!

Joseph F., customer since 2012

You have great customer service and we like that you shop rates for us every year.

Lisa G., customer since 2010

Always stood behind us and helped out with my deductible when Inhad an accident with an uninsured motorist.

Angelo C., customer since 2011

Todd Zimmerman made me feel like one of the family.

Daniel M., customer since 2009

Knowles Insurance and their staff always listens to the customers needs and takes the time to tailor fit the best products, along with comparing the premium costs. Thank you for your assistance in our business needs. A. Zubko CFO & Co-CEO

Andy Z., customer since 1995

Staff has always been very professional, efficient and responsive. Rates seem competitive.

Customer since 2001


David J., customer since 1999

We called on an issue with utility line insurance that was being aggressively marketed to us by utility company. Our representative at Knowles Associates walked us through what the options were and saved us quite a bit of money.

Customer since 2010

Knowles Associates is spot on with providing me with my business needs. Knowles is prompt in providing service, easy to work with and the renewals over the years have been very reasonable. Jerry Coyne Jerry Coyne Electrical Cont. Co. LLC

Gerald C., customer since 1999

We appreciate the very personal and professional advice we get from Bob and all his associates. We rely on them to search for the best value in the market to meet our needs. We have never been disappointed. Knowles Associates is an always helpful and available resource for whatever our insurance needs and questions may be. Bravo!

William B., customer since 1999

Knowledgeable, responsive and thorough, with respect to both personal and commercial lines.

Francis G., customer since 2014

Personal service and always responds quickly to any questions. Always tries to makes sure we are receiving the best rate and also the right coverage. Jen Sgarlat always goes above and beyond to make sure our needs are met.

Erin H., customer since 2015

Quick service, answer any questions you may have.

Customer since 2012

Your service is quick and efficient. If I have a question, I get a return call or email. We had a coverage issue with the insurance company and Cheryl combed thru our policy and found that we had an addendum that covered our loss.

Customer since 2010

My family has been a customer with Knowles Associates for the better part of 40 years. They have provided excellent knowledge and protection for all of our insurance needs. They go beyond basic coverage and give extensive customer service. Highly recommended.

John A., customer since 1998

Cheryl is very responsive and timely with her responses.

Donald F., customer since 2013

I've known Bob Knowles for years and have been a client for most of those years. I would highly recommend Bob & his team to take care of your insurance needs.

Robert H., customer since 2003

We have had our insurance needs with you for many years, always helpful with any questions or concerns. We will continue as your customers because of the quality and promptness that you provide to us as needed. Sometimes easy and at other times a little more difficult issues are always addressed. Thanks for your service throughout the years.

Joseph L., customer since 1999

I'm very happy with Knowles Associates! I have never had a problem they couldn't fix. Very satisfied.

Customer since 1999

I have found Knowles Associates to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. They take the time to learn about the business and understand the perils. Knowles Associates have identified business risks that we never thought of, and that other agents never suggested. With regards to my home and auto, they are very thorough and take the time to understand our needs and look for ways to save money. Knowles has been very helpful and involved with the few claims we have had over the many years of working with them.

Joseph H., customer since 1998

Always prompt and courteous service when I call Knowles Associates!

Customer since 2014

Great follow-up to calls and a reminder for me to do something that I was supposed to do.

Customer since 2007

Great customer service

Jennifer B., customer since 2016

Your customer service is timely, professional, and friendly!

Customer since 2009

Your office listened to our needs.

Customer since 2002

Since I've moved from Illinois, I've spoken with several people in your office...Cheryl Gilpin and Nicole Charles and I think Sabine on occasion. I enjoy good customer service and prompt responsiveness when I have a question or concern. Cheryl, Nicole, and Sabine all provide a high level of customer service and positive attitudes to go along with their pleasant demeanors. Thank you!

Thomas C., customer since 2016

Jen is the best agent I have worked with. Thanks for all your help.

Matthew W., customer since 2016

Very friendly and very helpful for whatever questions I had.

Joseph F., customer since 2017

Sue and Cheryl provide excellent service !! Thanks, Randy Darrow

Diann D., customer since 2009

Quality service from engaged representatives. Knowles employees treat individuals as importantly as large companies. They review our policies to ensure we have proper coverage at the best possible rates.

Customer since 2012

Always look to our needs. Whenever I have a question there is always a quick response. You have always tolerated us asking to shop our prices around, and have always been pleased with the results. As you know I am a person who like to talk to people over the phone instead of Email and you have always taken care of me in that way.

Kathleen J., customer since 2010

Helping me reduce my costs without reducing my protection in a pleasant and productive way!

Customer since 2014

Professionalism, thoughtfulness and readily available are the particular qualities I value

MaryBeth F., customer since 2017

Wonderful service and wonderful people.

Edward M., customer since 2013

The office staff is always responsive to any questions we have.

Customer since 2000

You were able to help us with our complicated insurance needs over the phone and via email, without having to travel to the office to sign forms. You also helped us save money on our premiums.

Gregory H., customer since 2003

Prompt and personalized service -- the work with Eileen to execute a coverage plan on a new property purchase was flawless. She was professional, courteous and complete with all of her suggestions and guidance. Made the process very easy!

Kathleen M., customer since 2017

Excellent customer service!

Customer since 2013

Met all of our insurance needs with great customer service!!

Paul K., customer since 2007

Staff made excellent recommendations to our auto policy which we implemented.

James M., customer since 2013

The complete walkthrough from beginning to end was so helpful!!!

Joseph S., customer since 2001

Agents are prompt with handling any customer questions or concerns. They also seek the best prices for renewal policies.

Customer since 2012

Knowles has listened to our needs and supplied us with the proper coverage and a better competitive price. In addition, Knowles continues to bring suggestions to better supply our needs. Thank you. Andy & Barbara Zubko

Andrew Z., customer since 2012

We have been customers here for over 15 years. Sue Kelly and Jennifer are so attentive-putting our coverage out to bid and saving us money, while all the time making sure we are insured appropriately. These people are like family--and I feel we are lucky to have found them. It's nice to know we have one less thing to worry about-because these people have your back!

Stephanie B., customer since 2010

Low payments and easy to pay.

Sarah H., customer since 2016

Great customer service and quick response time to questions and solutions.

William A., customer since 2011

There are two sides to having an insurance agent. When you don't need anything, you want to be left alone. When you need something, you want help right away. Todd and Knowles have perfected that balance. There when I need them, in the background when I don't. They provide excellent service, they find me the best rates, and they help me make wise, informed decisions when I need to adjust something.

Timothy C., customer since 2010

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